21AAF39F-CEDE-4898-85B3-AE0371CD9EE1Atmospheric setting for an evening of gothic horror in De Profundis production of COUNTESS at Todmorden Unitarian Church this week.

A fine cast including Alexis Tuttle as the tyrant Elizabeth Bathory and Lindsay Eavis behaving badly as Darvulia.

The audience is taken on a journey by The Guide, a weird hooded character dressed in black played by Edward Darling. At the start of the performance a volunteer is selected to knock on the old oak door. Someone pushed me forward, and so it began.

Really great fun and quite chilling, set in this historic and characterful 19th Century church.

At the end of the performance you are invited to stay for a drink and chat with the cast, including writer and director Amanda J Fleming. An enthusiastic and friendly troupe of players who are clearly passionate about live theatre.
If you are anywhere close to Todmorden tonight and tomorrow why not spend the evening with Countess Bathory and her strange friends. Beyond that do try to catch them at a venue near you.



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